We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone who works for or with us. We have a detailed Health and Safety policy that enables us to keeps everyone at McGovern up to date with the latest regulations and we adhere to all of the relevant environmental, employment and consumer standards in the plant hire industry.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our operators and all of the other people on site are of the utmost importance to us. We ensure that all of our equipment and everyone who works for us is up to date with the latest requirements so that we can comply with all of the relevant H&S regulations. Ensuring that all of our equipment is safe and that it is handled properly is a top priority for us.

Every operator who works for McGovern is required to complete a site induction before taking on their first job with us. We also have a stringent drug and alcohol screening policy to ensure that all our operators are fit to work on site. We provide ongoing training for our operators to ensure that they remain compliant on all machines and aware of all the newest regulations for all types of site and equipment.

We ensure that all of our machines are fitted with the latest safety features in order to remain compliant with the relevant regulations. We have fitted safety features such as reversing cameras and handrails to all of our transport vehicles to ensure machinery can be moved safely. Our larger excavators have extra safety features such as audible reversing alarms, check valves on hydraulic cylinders and dual-locking quad hitches. Since may of our clients operate in London, we have fitted our fleet with all of the additional safety and environmental features required in the capital, including emission-compliant Diesel Particulate Filters.

Our fleet is regularly maintained and upgraded in order to ensure the best safety levels. Every machine will undergo a thorough pre-delivery inspection before it is transported to your site. If there are any issues after delivery, then we have a team of highly qualified and experienced fitters who are on call 24/7. We know how important it is to minimise downtime and to ensure that every piece of equipment is working perfectly.

Other Regulations

In addition to complying with all of the necessary Health and Safety regulations, we are also committed to ensuring that we meet all of the relevant environmental, employment and consumer standards. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to ensure that all of our operatives, employees and clients are protected and provided with the best services. We also extend this philosophy to the other people and the environment around us as we understand how important it is to comply with these vital regulations.

If you have any questions or worries about our H&S policy or compliance with environmental, employment or consumer standards then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always willing to listen to your concerns or to provide extra information when necessary.


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