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Hire a loading shovel to move material for construction, demolition, recycling or quarrying work. We can provide a durable, reliable machine to transport loads of all types and sizes. Simply select the machine that meets your needs and we will ensure that it is there for as long as you need it to complete your work. You will get a high quality loading shovel at a reasonable price.

Our Loading Shovels

Our fleet includes a selection of high quality loading shovels that are suitable for all kinds of projects. You can choose a vehicle of the right size and capacity for your job. Our machines can carry large loads with minimum spillage, even over rough terrain. You can choose the loading shovel that suits your needs, whether that is a compact vehicle or one with longer loader arms that can lift material onto a truck or dumper. All of our loading shovels are fitted with the best safety equipment to ensure stability and visibility while protecting the operator in the cab.

If you need a loading shovel for any kind of construction, demolition, mining or clearing tasks, then take a look at our range to find the one that suits your needs. Our vehicles can help with a wide range of tasks so they can be very useful to have on site when you need to move bulky or loose material around quickly and with minimum spillage.

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Model Bucket capacities operating weight Specifications PDF Specifications Quote
2.5m3 - 9.2m3 3.25yd3 - 12.0 yd3 24,189 kg 53,311 lb
Bucket capacities 2.5m3 - 9.2m3 3.25yd3 - 12.0 yd3
operating weight 24,189 kg 53,311 lb
Engine Model Cat® C9.3 ACERT™
Max. Gross Power 222 kW 296 hp
Static Tipping Load 14 636 kg 32,259 lb
Breakout Force 173 kN 38,984 lb


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Why Hire a Loading Shovel?

Loading shovels are ideal for moving large amounts of material over relatively short distances. One key advantage of loading shovels is that they can be faster and more efficient than other options, such as dumpers, although they cannot carry as much material. You might want to use a loading dumper to move soil, gravel or other construction material around your site. You can also use your loading shovel to shift debris after a demolition or to clear a large site quickly. Our loading shovels can handle large loads over rugged terrain, so they are suitable for all kinds of sites. The vehicles in our fleet are manufactured and maintained to the highest standards, so you can rely on them to get the job done. You will be able to move material safely and efficiently around the site.

Loading Shovel Hire

We make it as easy as possible for you to hire a loading shovel. Simply choose the machine that you need and we’ll ensure that it is there for as long or as short a time as you need. We’ll be here to support you at any point if you have any questions or concerns about hiring a loading shovel or if you need any extra equipment for your project.

If you need advice on choosing the right loading shovel to hire, simply get in touch to talk to one of our experts. When you’re ready to arrange your loading shovel hire, we’ll ensure that you get the vehicle you need to get the job done.


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