Quad Vac (Back To Black)


Models & Specifications

McGovern’s fleet of quad vacuum sweepers allows clients to make more of their hire. The robust sweeper bodies and double-strength tipping hinges and subframes are just the quality that such a powerful machine needs to ensure long-lasting stability and maximum usage for our clients.

How Quad Vacuum Sweepers Work

The QuadVac sweepers offer dual side brushes but with the option to use a single side, and the high-pressured lance has an extended reach of 4.2m. With the ability to sweep at up to 16km/hour, the width of the QuadVac reaches 3650mm brush edge to brush edge, allowing a much larger area to be cleaned at any one time.

The clean water tank holds 2,255 litres of cleaning water, used in the water jets around the brushes. Additional water tanks can be fitted for larger sites, holding up to another 4000 litres of cleaning water. From the jets around the brushes, high-pressure water is expressed at 30 litres/minute, creating a supreme blast to the surface below, ensuring thorough removal run-in and compacted dirt with its Back to Black rear suction box.

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Model Power Depression Air Movement Specifications PDF Specifications Quote
Stock Quad Vac Beam Sweeper
Max 3650mm 2255 Litres 35 Litres/min at 3.5 bar
Sweep Path Max 3650mm
Clean Water Tank 2255 Litres
Low Pressure Dust Suppresion Water System 35 Litres/min at 3.5 bar
Twin High Pressure Wash Water System 60 Litres/min at 300 bar
Fuel Capacity 160 Litres
Overhead hose reach 4.2m
Dual Side Sweep Available
Single Side Sweep Available


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QuadVac Innovation and Safety

Fully adjustable positioning and simultaneous rotation of the brushes ensures an efficient sweep in awkward situations, for difficult-to-reach areas. Furthermore, the ground brush also has its own pressure regulatory system, enabling the operator to judge how delicately or aggressively the area needs to be treated.

Further features that contribute towards the QuadVac’s move towards a safer and more innovative future include:

  • CANBus Intelligent controls allowing for a safer working environment for the operators when in public areas
  • Built-in dust suppression system allowing dust-free collection of all swept material
  • Twin high-pressure wash system
  • Screen shakers to promote a healthy airflow and reduce the use of unnecessary engine use
  • iSweep technology, reducing distraction to the operator
  • Reversing cameras
  • Full 360° camera system
  • In-cab cameras and microphones
  • Near-side side scanners
  • Front and rear beacons
  • Safety signage, e.g. cyclists, blind spots, etc.

Operator Safety

As with all our machine operators, a minimum level of qualification and training is required, including:

  • CPCS qualification
  • 35+ hours mandatory FORS training every year
  • DVLA vetting
  • Medical certificate for fitness to drive

Memberships & Accreditations