Models & Specifications

Built by only the highest quality manufacturers in Europe, our fleet of sweepers are not only tailored to the needs of our highway and earthworks clients, but to the specific needs of our civil engineering, rail, and aviation clients too. Our team of highly skilled sweeper operatives can cater to any and all needs such as daily to weekly site visits, scheduled service contracts, and as-and-when required sweeps. Our flexibility means our fleet can attend and maintain any needs you could potentially require.

With the FORS Gold safely on our shelf of accreditations, McGovern Plant Hire operates a fleet of the highest quality sweepers the UK has to offer. Water, debris and dirt are just the beginning of the range of materials our sweepers can tackle on site to ensure environmental wellbeing at all times. The prestigious Stock and Johnson VT802 bodies are mounted onto a mixture of Scania and DAF trucks that can tackle rough terrain and loose/wet debris left behind after construction and demolition works.

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Model Hopper Voided Volume Dual Side Sweep Single Side Sweep Specifications PDF Specifications Quote
8.0 m3 Nominal Available Available
Hopper Voided Volume 8.0 m3 Nominal
Payload Capacity 7.1 m3 Nominal
Fuel Tank 170 Litres
Water Tank 2005 Litres
Hydrolic System 61 Litres
Dual Side Sweep Available
Single Side Sweep Available


020 8572 1764
Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm
8.4m3 with twin discharge system Available Available
Hopper voided volume 8.4m3 with twin discharge system
Dual Side Sweep Available
Single Side Sweep Available
Fuel Tank 160 litres
Clean water tank 2100


020 8572 1764
Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm

How Do They Work?

The Johnson V-Range works quickly and efficiently, collecting waste debris in its 8m3 tank. As the sweeper comes over/alongside the material, the centre brush with water jets attached is lowered. The brushes rotate around the debris, the material is pushed into solid rubber locking mats, which in turn is directed into the vacuum and transported up into the tank. Attached to each sweeper is a high-pressured lance, giving the ability to extract material from drains and hard to reach areas such as underground.

The option to use either single or dual side brushes creates an efficient and fast way of ensuring your site is kept clean continually throughout the visit.

Working to create a more sustainable environment for everyone, McGovern Plant Hire have invested in partnering with only recycling centres that recycle 99.9% of all waste collected. Once the sweepers have reached their 6.2-tonne capacity, they are directed to The Wet Waste Company to empty their tank before returning to site. Head over to our Wet Waste Co. page to find out more about how The Wet Waste Company works, and how it can help you. If you require a larger variation of sweeper, our Quad Vacuum Sweeper could be the way forward.

Sweeper Innovation and Safety

In order to comply with FORS Gold, the entire fleet of sweepers endure daily checks by their operative before attending any site, in addition to their 6-monthly checks and yearly MOTs. Our extensive fleet all come as dual sweepers with jet washer systems that our operators are fully qualified and trained on and experienced with.

Further safety precautions include:

  • Reversing cameras
  • Full 360° camera system
  • In-cab cameras and microphones
  • Near-side side scanners
  • Front and rear beacons
  • Safety signage, e.g. cyclists, blind spots, etc.
  • Near-side and off-side cycle bars, preventing cyclist incidents

All trained and qualified operatives possess:

  • CPC qualification
  • 35+ hours mandatory FORS training every year
  • DVLA vetting
  • Medical certificate for fitness to drive

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