TRACKED EXCAVATORS - Hitachi ZX135USB-7 (13t Zero Tail Swing)


Hitachi ZX135USB-7 (13t Zero Tail Swing)


This zero-tail swing counterweight excavator makes for a fantastic companion on congested construction sites. By putting you at the heart of the Zaxis-7 range of excavators, Hitachi and McGovern Plant Hire are putting you and your operator in full control of all the heightened technology put in place through decades of research and development techniques. Make your next excavator the ZX135USB-7 for the latest and greatest of excavation experiences.


Engine Rated Power 74 kW (ISO14396) / 73 kW (ISO 9249)
Operating Weight 13,800 – 16,000 kg
Counterweight Clearance 830mm
Height of Cab 2,790mm
Overall Length 7,370mm
Track height 790mm
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