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Vacuum excavation is the smartest, safest and fastest method of excavation. It allows a safer and reduced-risk alternative to moving earth from sensitive and high-risk areas such as around buried services. Vacuum or suction excavation is a method of using high-volume, high-pressure air flow to create a vacuum sufficient enough to lift ground material up and deposit it elsewhere. The use of vacuum excavation not only allows a safer form of excavation but allows the client to reuse the material in other areas of construction, contributing to reusing and recycling initiatives and saving on cost site wide.

McGovern Plant Hire’s long-standing partnership with vacuum excavator manufacturers MTS gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience backing us as we take on bigger projects for our clients and build on our fleet of vacuum excavators. Powerful, reliable, and driven by only the most experienced operators, our vacuum excavation operators are at the very top of their field of expertise.

How Vacuum Excavators Work

Allowing the operator to move earth quickly and efficiently, McGovern’s vacuum excavators are the ideal choice when working around live/buried services and utilities and engineering works including gas, electric, water, telecoms and fibre optics. The flexible arm on the back of the excavator is easily manoeuvrable, meaning that it can weave around obstacles like high voltage cables, tree roots, drainage, etc. while the high-pressure 250mm nozzle draws up all the material lodged between the obstacles without causing any damage to the operative and the service itself.

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Model Power Depression Air Movement Specifications PDF Specifications Quote
330kw 50,000Pa 44,000m3/Hour
Power 330kw
Depression 50,000Pa
Air Movement 44,000m3/Hour
Depths 30-40m
Length 150m depending on material
Maximum Weight 220kg
Triple Fan 900mm Fans


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The material collected is stored in the on-board skip on the back of the machine, which can hold 12 tonnes of material at any one time. After material collection and storing, the extremely fine particles and dust are captures in mesh filters so as to be separated from the air that is used again to pass through the fan system to create a continuous suction to draw up material.

Once the on-board skip is full, or the works are completed, the operator is able to drive the vacuum excavator to a location where the material can be tipped allowing reuse in other operations or taken away from site to be recycled externally. Once in a desired location, the on-board skip is hydraulically tipped by the operator’s controls.

Why Choose Vacuum Excavation

  • Continuous suction without having to go back and forth with buckets on a traditional excavator and dump truck
  • Ease of movement on restricted sites/areas due to no boom to swing around
  • Reduced risk of damage to unforeseen underground services, tree roots, etc.
  • Materials are recyclable in multiple disciplines
  • Move a larger range of materials as opposed to just solid and dry, e.g. concrete, soil, mud, sand, etc.

Innovation and Safety in Vacuum Excavation

McGovern Plant Hire operates a continuous improvement programme, where our team works tirelessly to keep up to date with advances in the plant and civil engineering industry, and the vacuum excavators are no exception.

  • Hand-held compact controls to ensure the operative can remain at a safe distance from the arm and nozzle
  • Hydraulically operated meaning no exhaust fumes
  • 1165mm arm reach
  • Reversing cameras
  • 180° camera system
  • Front and rear beacons

All trained and qualified operatives possess:

  • CPC qualification
  • Annual FORS training
  • DVLA vetting
  • Medical certificate for fitness to drive

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